Neil Gaiman is the consummate campfire storyteller

The words themselves don’t always win me, but that’s okay because the guy could read me the back of a cereal box and have me on the edge of my seat. For instance:

"They came down like sparks from a sparkler, beautiful and white and possibly slightly dangerous."

On the page, you go, “Oh, not bad, I suppose.”

When Neil Gaiman reads it aloud, you go, “It combines the slickness of a futuristic automobile with the grim inevitability of Greek tragedy.”

I mean it, those are the exact metaphors I would use.

And if those metaphors sound lousy to you, they’ll soundĀ fantasticĀ after I get Neil to read them.

  1. sendcoffeeorhelp said: The last line killed me. And you speak the truth.
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