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  1. Good at offering constructive criticism.
  2. Good at writing conversations.
  3. Good at acting.
  4. Good at drawing.
  5. Good…immune system?



I love the circus episode because even though they rig up a characteristically elaborate circus atmosphere, the acts are still all things kids would come up with, such as the detachable thumb trick, dressing a pet in some clothes, and jumping into mud with a paper bag over one’s head. 


Sada Yakko (Kawakami Sadayakko 川上 貞奴 born Sada Koyama 1871-1946) as Oriye - japanese name for Ophelia - french newspaper, photography by Nadar - 1905

French newspaper translation : “Sada Yacco in the role of Oriye, the Japanese Ophelia : scene of the madness”

This is an actual sign I’ve seen above an entire wall of books in a bookstore - ‘Young Adult Paranormal Romance’. That’s… that’s a genre now. It’s crazy. It’s like, Twilight came out, and suddenly there are so many books ripping it off, that it necessitates its own genre. That would be like if, if Huckleberry Finn came out today, and suddenly there was a whole genre called ‘Barefoot Adolescent Runaway Rafting Adventure’, or, or, or Oliver Twist came out, and suddenly ‘Pick-Pocketing Street Urchin Unrequited Familial Affection Historicals’ were all the rage.
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I hope you’ve all been seeing many many graces poured into your lives, I have been praying for you. If anyone has any special intentions that I could plead for in front of the Blessed Sacrament, please feel free to message them to me. Just let me know if you want them to be private.

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Someone mentioned this and I realized just how true (and infuriating, and frustrating, and pathetic) it is:


Whenever some news of the persecution in the Middle East against the Christians and other minorities is shared, only a few people, mostly very dedicated Catholics, will respond to it. Bring it up in conversation, and no one has any clue what is going on.
(There was a brief blip of attention after the execution of James Wright Foley, but his memory was nearly instantly replaced by new hashtags about movie stars and new shows.)

Excuse me for comparing tragedies, but the Israel-Gaza conflict was and is being discussed EVERYWHERE, everyone has formed opinions, tags like #prayforpalestine trended, and people seemed to be genuinely upset by the deaths of the Gazans. All very good. Normal human reactions to injustice.

Same with Ferguson.

However, mention what IS is doing in Iraq, Syria, and other countries to people who are completely 100% innocent and non-aggressive, who were simply trying to live out their faith in a hostile environment…and everything goes quite. Crickets.

More people have died, been forced from their homes, raped, robbed, beaten, exiled in Iraq than have been similarly wronged in either Ferguson or Gaza. For no reason. For the sake of hate.

What the hell is it about this particular issue that makes everyone so timid? It has religious implications. My English professor actually said we couldn’t discuss the issue or mention it in our essays because it was “a faith-based topic.” Excuse me, but isn’t justice a natural virtue? Isn’t this a violation of every. single. human. right. for those people? This isn’t something for just Christians to protest. This is evil, pure and simple.

Beheadings of children? Ethnic cleansing? How can you not speak? These people are almost defenseless.

We still see new movies and books and talks about Nazi Germany, telling us how awful the Holocaust was. Why can’t people see this *is* the Holocaust, but for Christians?

This exact same thing has happened for countless other genocides….the Armenians are a notable example. I just cannot fathom why. Why are some genocides more worthy of notice and horror than others? It shouldn’t matter whether ethnic cleansing targeted the blacks in Germany or the Yazidis in Iraq, whether religious persecution was staged against the Jewish people or the Assyrian Christians. Speak up people.

No one deserves to die in such awful ways, deprived of everything, forced to deny their deepest beliefs. Much less to do so in silence and isolation. Organizations that give humanitarian aid are trying, but so few are donating.

One more thing: its great that we all dumped water on our heads and raised money for people with Lou Gehrig’s, but research was already being conducted. It was not some urgent need, but just a charitable outreach. Right now, people in the Middle East NEED your money, your prayers, your knowledge, your voice.

Its a travesty the media is so quiet about this, that apparently the marriage of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is more newsworthy than the lives, livelihoods, pain, and fear of so many people.

Just because it involves religion, doesn’t mean you can’t speak up, dammit.

(pardon the rant. Also, you don’t know the self-control it took to keep this relatively profanity-free.)

I think everyone’s got that one Looney Tunes cartoon. 

This is “Porky’s Duck Hunt”, the short that quite accidentally introduced the world to Daffy Duck. Every now and then I remember it exists, and I drop everything and give it a watch. It never fails to make me laugh.  

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Ahhhhh! Thank you! Fortunately the Tumblr gnomes have spared me this time around. :D 

Here goes:

  1. Good taste in books/music/movies/friends/etc. 
  2. I make people laugh.
  3. People tend to feel comfortable around me. 
  4. I’m loyal.
  5. I’m good with kids. 
We may wear her down yet. But are you familiar with Wii Music at all? Those two options are utterly nonsensical. Almost seems…I don’t know…irreverent?

Haha, I googled them after I saw the first post. XD



Illustration from Wodehouse’s The New Fold (Psmith in the City), Chapter Twenty-six, The Captain, March 1909, by T. M. R. Whitwell.

Edwardian office supplies! Over Gregory’s shoulder is what appears to be a calendar, with words over the top that aren’t quite intelligible: The San-something Assurance, or something to that effect? Is it one of those insurance company calendars? (That really was a thing back then.) Those books are of course ledgers, and he’s holding a ruler and pen. Overhead are inkwells, more pens, pinned up papers doing the job of sticky notes, an unidentified box, and what might be some kind of press, stamp, or blotter—I can’t tell.

Another rare view of the left side of Psmith’s face, though he’s concealing part of it with his hand, and of his eye through the monocle. (Also, pointless detail: his hair, notably the part, has altered since the last time we saw him at this angle.)


do you ever wonder how people describe you to other people who don’t know you